Ik doe het me niet na...

From a poll, completed by 90 Dutch improvisers, I learned that we want Impro-intensives.
Great (inter)national improv-teachers. A big plunge in their knowledge and experience.
So I thought: let's arrange that.

 In may we have Improsa!
All the way from Groningen! So this workshop is in Dutch! 

Super trots dat Willy en Marjolein naar Nijmegen komen. Deze twee kei gave, intelligente en warme persoonlijkheden gaan hun mensen- en theaterkennis delen in Nijmegen! Hier wil je bij zijn.   

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 He defenitely blows up the stage!! Tim Orr from San Fransisco will be here in June! 

In April I did the introduction of this awesome workshop! In a split second you learn all you need to know about showing awesome scenery and thruthfull big actions on our blanc improv stage!
I wanted him to teach us in Nijmegen as well! But than the extended version! So there we are!

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Boy oh boy!! Kelly Agathos is in Nijmegen in July!! 

I met Kelly as a SUPER kind, warmhearted teacher, loaded with knowledge and improv- an actingskills. If you ever want to learn in a safe environment? Get over here in July!
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In August we expect Daniel Orrantia

The fantastic adventure of performing has taken Orrantia on a journey where he explores different specialties including mask, eccentric performing, physical theatre, Meisner, clown, bouffon, interactive performance, melodrama, phonetics and improvisation.

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Patti Styles  about Daniel:
"Daniel naturally embodies the spirit of impro play, discovery and mischief.
He is always a pleasure to work with and he cares deeply about the people he is working with.”

 Finally! After a long period of delay - there they are!
Feña and Diego with their King's Whim!

I saw their longform show on Impro Amsterdam in 2019, and it was, and still is, the best show I've ever seen. I was  surprised every moment in this show because of the beautiful collaboration between an insane buffoon and a great narrator. Please... join this workshop. You won't regret it. 

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We have our workshops always at the same beautiful location:
De Verspiegeling en Eva's theatertuin
Biezenstraat 79-1,
6541 ZP, Nijmegen
Route: Use maps!


Is het alleen voor Engelstaligen?
Nee, zeker niet. Een aantal trainers is anderstalig en de  voertaal zal dan Engels zijn. Maar maak je geen zorgen!
Je kunt precies zo veel Engels als je nodig hebt. En wat je niet weet, weet meestal  iemand anders.
En anders heb je altijd nog je non-verbale skills of jabbertaal om jezelf mee te uiten.
Laten we vooral spelen met elkaar en plezier maken! Precies waar impro voor bedoeld was. ~ Cindy


The ones you've missed!